Engineering Plastics

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A material for every requirements

Doriflon buys from only the best material manufacturers in the world in order to ensure that the quality of our components starts with a high quality material.

This doesn't however limit the range of materials we can supply. Last year we manufactured parts from over 40 different grades of engineering plastics and are continuing to expand the material we use as new products become available.

We have specification and safety data sheets available for all our materials. Most of these can be downloaded from the web site.

This page shows the most common materials we machine from.


PTFE has a wide range of applications; becuase of its high temperature resistance and inertness, it is mainly used in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.


Peek has a high resistance to chemicals, steam and radiation. It has a wide temperature range up to 250°C. Filled grades are also available.


PVDF has a wide temperature range, high impact strength and good mechanical strength. It is finding increased use for soft valve seats for this very reason.


Nylon has many uses throughout industry and has several grades available to improve upon certain properties. These range from the standard Nylon 6 & Nylon 66 to Nylon 12 and Nylatron.


Acetal has a very low moisture absorption rate, high impact strength, combined with excellent machinability. Also available is Delrin, together with many filled grades of both Acetal and Delrin.


Polyethylene is available in several grades from basic PE to HDPE and UHWMPE. UHMWPE has a good abrasion resistance, impact strength, chemical resistance and is also FDA approved.